Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mongrol SMUSH!!!!

If you're into your gaming Ste is one half of the Pickford Brothers who have been developing and producing games for over 25 years. Welcome Ste. As Ste's our newest member, he's had the choice for January's character which is  the A.B.C Warriors behemoth Mongrol!

The ABC Warriors were created by Pat Miils and was first published waayyy back in 1979 (god I feel old!)

The A.B.C. Warriors are a team of war robots designed to withstand 'Atomic', 'Bacterial' and 'Chemical' warfare. They were built to take part in the long-running Volgan War. Each robot has a distinctive personality – often one programmed by its human creators – but each is more or less able to act with free will.

The immensely strong Mongrol was originally commander of an ABC paratrooper platoon, and the only survivor (save Zippo) of the disastrous drop into Volgan territory at Vilnus – so disastrous it was nicknamed Zarnhem after Arnhem. Only his head remained undamaged and remained on the battlefield. A scavenger named Lara, daughter of executed robot manufacturers, salvaged his head and built him a new body with other robot parts as an act of defiance against the Volgans. She was caught and executed, and Mongrol was tortured by electricity for information – this inadvertently activated his body and he broke free of his captors.

The torture and Lara's death reduced him to near animal-like behaviour "Mongrol smush!", and he was regarded as a threat by both sides. He was recruited when Hammerstein earned his respect by beating him in hand to hand combat. Mongrol's belief that he would go to heaven and meet his beloved Lara once more became the driving force of the metal ape. After being told by Deadlock that only good robots go to heaven, he became determined to live a hero's life and see his beloved again.

Right enough copy and pasting from Wikipedia!!

February's choice is Bhuna's and he's got for The Amazing, The Spectacular, The Sensational SPIDER-MAN. But this months it's Spider-Man vs ...... The choice Spider-man's villain is down to the artist! 

On with the art! 

By StePickford - 'Mongrol Smush!'
By Bhuna - 'Mongrol Smush!'
By Mark1Up - 'Gggrrrr' 
By Mark1Up - 'Smush-Shaka-Laka!'
By Incident Report - From the Black Hole
By Tin Robot

By JLF - Mongrol CRUSH!