Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Does what ever a spider can!

As the song goes....

This months character has been chosen by Bhuna. The Amazing, The Spectacular, The Sensational SPIDER-MAN

What can you say about Spider-Man? A geeky teen bitten by a radioactive spider and probably one of the top 5 most famous comic book characters of all time! And yes Stan Lee, Steve Ditko did create the character! 

We have a guest who has kindly agreed for us to feature her work. Shooky-Spoo is Bhuna's sister-in-law (talented family or what!) 

We also have to doff our hats to JLF who's really pushed to boat out this months....

On with the art!!

by Bhuna - Spider-Man vs Venom
By Spooky-Spoo - Spider-Man vs Venom
by Mark1up - Spider-Man vs Sandman
By Incident Report - Spider-Man vs The Lizard

By JLF - Spider-Man vs Venom

By JLF - Spider-Man vs Black Cat (read the brief JLF)

By JLF - Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin

By JLF - Spider-Man vs The Rhino
By Mark1up - just swinging by!

March's character has been chosen by Incident Report and is Daredevil - The Man without Fear.