Monday, 28 May 2012

Welcome to the Stockport Comic Collective Blog

Welcome to the Stockport Comic Collective Blog.

Each month a member can choose any comic book character and then all members bugger off and give their interpretation of that one character. The first months character is 'Thor'.

As the blog is called the Stockport Comic Collective, the participants are very much targeted to Stockport and the surrounding area. So if you have lived or live in or near the Mecca that is know as Stockport pm me if you would like to participate.

The first months character is 'Thor' and was chosen by JLF

Mark1Up - Two very dramatic versions of the God of Thunder

Next up Bhuna. He's given us two version of the same picture (one hand inked, the other through manga studio), the second being a bit of a homage to the legend that is Jack Kirby

And finally JLF - Show really nice pastel and charcoal working going on!