Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tank Girl

July's character has been chosen by Mark1up and is Tank Girl.

Before we start waffling on about this iconic British comic character, we'd like to welcome our first honorary Stockfordian and illustrator of Tank Girl Rufus Dayglo. Bhuna is a Facebook friend of Rufus's and asked him if he's like to participate. Thanks for taking the time to rustle something up for the blog Rufus!

So anyway Tank Girl was created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. Originally drawn by Jamie Hewlett, she has also been drawn by Philip Bond, Glyn Dillon, Ashley Wood, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Jim Mahfood, Rufus Dayglo, Andy Pritchett, and Mike McMahon.
The stories center on her misadventures with her boyfriend, Booga, a mutant kangaroo. The story's style was heavily influenced by punk visual art.
August's character has been chosen by Bhuna and is Galactus - Devourer of Worlds.
On with the art!
By Rufus - Oi Oi!!

By Buddha Rex - Tank, Girl, Booga

By TinRobot

By Incident Report - The Good, The Bad & The Nutter

By Mark1Up

By Mark1Up - Boom Stick

By Mark1Up - Start your Engines

By Bhuna - Kes!
By Bhuna - Kes Movie Poster mock up!

By JLF - You'll take someone's eye out!

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